"Lidoran-Tec" ltd. is a company formed to tend to the ever growing technical demands of the region's industry. We are a leading company, specializing in the supply of machines and equipment for a vast range of applications and industries: flour mills, feed mills, food plants, pharmaceuticals, plastics, chemicals, agriculture, mining and more.

"Lidoran-Tec" is a leading supplier of material processing and handling equipment for many applications: mechanical conveying, pneumatic conveying, vacuum systems, air filtration systems, pelleting, feeders, particle separation and sieve systems, grinding, magnets and more.

For all your plant's needs, when it comes to dealing with material handling - "Lidoran-Tec" has a professional solution for you.

We pride ourselves on a complete service to our clients, from the early stages of determining the clients needs and offering a solution, through to guiding and assisting the plant in choosing the correct equipment, until the final stages of supplying and installing the systems.

Furthermore, we follow up all our sales with continued service, ensuring your satisfaction, even after the system is up & running.

Amongst our extensive clientele, such companies as: Osem, Zoglobek, Teva pharmacuetical industries, Bromine compounds, Ambar feed mill etc. have profited our comprehensive service.

Our qualified staff is supported by the top companies we represent from Europe and the U.S.A., and We hope to have the opportunity to introduce our fine products to you.

We will be delighted to meet our next challenge.

Seth M. Levitats
[email protected]

Yair Rosen - ןזור ריאי
In memory of our dear friend.
.הדובע שיאו תמא דידי ,רבח רכזל