Rotary Valves, Line Diverters, Pipe Couplings, Pneumatic Conveying Accessories.
Flexible Screw Conveyors, Big Bag Unloaders, Small Bags Dumping Stations.
Elevator Belts, Elevator Buckets, Belt Fasteners And Elevator Bolts. Antiabrasion Liners (Kryptane).
Conveyor Chains With Plastic Flights, Flights, Steel Conveyor Chains, Buckets, Bolts And Screw Spirals.
Pellet Mill Dies, Roll Shells, Screens, Hammers
Magnets And Metal Detectors.
Elevator Buckets, Bolts, Elevator Accessories And Steel Conveyor Chains.
Pellet Mills,Crumblers, Roller And Flaking Mills, Hammermills, Coolers, Sifters, Coditioners.
Rigid Screw Conveyors, Horizontal And Vertical Mixers.
Sieves And Machinery For Flour Mills And Seed Treatment Plants.
MODUFLEX Bellow Feeders (Truck And Tank Flexible Sleeve Loaders).
Air-Jet Filters.
Conveyor idlers (rolls), Vibrating feeders, Bucket elevators, Screw conveyors, Paper joggers, Vibrating & Materials flow aids.
Pneumatic conveying systems, grain and granular portable transfer units, vacuum systems
Modular pipe systems, Bends, Y-pieces, Multiway rotary distributer heads
A revolutionary, snap-in, flexible connector and spigot that eliminates the problems associated with traditional hose clamp systems. Solutions for pipe connecting, sifter connecting and more
Vacuum conveyors for powder and bulk