Lidoran-Tec offers a wide range of products and solutions for material handling and processing for the entire industry.

Mechanical conveying Please enter to see line of products
Each area of the industry requires a specific type of conveyor that suits its specific needs. Lidoran-Tec offers complete systems or individual parts for building an entire system. Vertical conveying is commonly achieved by Bucket Elevators. Depending on the product, different types of buckets are used: Steel, Stainless steel, Plastic etc.

When designing or repairing an elevator, type and quality of the belt are a very important factor. The belt must suit the capacity and other important factors like material handled, temperature and safety requirements.

Horizontal conveying is customarily achieved by belt conveyors, chain conveyors (steel or plastic flights) or screw conveyors (rigid or plastic).

Pneumatic conveying Please enter to see line of product
Lidoran-Tec designs, supplies and installs pneumatic conveying systems (overpressure and vacuum) for powders and grains. We provide high quality lobe type blowers, rotary valves, line diverters, air jet filters and all other components needed for a reliable pneumatic conveying line.

Grinding, pelleting, Mixing, dosing, loading and filtration Please enter to see line of products
As part of our involvement in the production stages in the different industries, We supply a wide range of hammermills, pin mills and other particle reduction machines. We are able to determine the suitable mill for your needs based on product, capacity and granulation needed. We supply a wide range of pelleting equipment for feed mills, plastic, paper and recycling plants.

In many plants that receive their raw materials in big bags, an efficient solution for unloading them is needed. We offer a complete range of big bag unloaders, conveyors and filters to perform this task. After these materials are unloaded, we offer a range of mixers, sieves and dosers to suit your needs.

In today's industry where quality and safety are a must, magnets have become an important factor in the production of a quality product. We supply a full range of magnets for installation in all stages of the process to limit the penetration of metal into the product.

Vacuum and positive pressure. Please enter to see line of products
Water ring vacuum pumps are available for many processes in the food, chemical, plastic and other industries. For positive (and negative) pressure we stock regenerative blowers used in many applications, from pneumatic conveying and fishpond feeding to jacuzzis and suction lifting machines.

Feed and Flour mill equipment Please enter to see line of products
Lidoran-Tec is a major supplier of equipment to the feed and flour mills. Sifters, roller mills, flaking mills, coolers, crumblers destoners and more. We supply many of the spare parts needed like dies, hammers, rods, screens, bearings and more.

The above is only part of the machines and industries we are involved with.

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